Panama City Beach Weather

We have more than 320 days of sunshine a year and average temperatures that are usually pretty great - The Gulf breeze cools us some in the summertime, and the Gulf waters help keep us warmer in the wintertime. In fact, it's usually a pretty good time to visit Panama City Beach no matter what the weather. Each season is unique here, and that is why we produce a quarterly Visitors Guide - to give you a look at what each season has to offer. Download our Visitors Guide, or get a free issue sent to your home. If you're curious what Panama City Beach looks like right at this moment, watch our live beach webcam here

Dynamic Variation:

If you'd like to get an idea of what the weather might be like several weeks or months down the road, check out the chart we put together with the monthly average air and water temperatures in our area:

 Month  Air High   Air Low   Avg. Water 
 January  62°F/17°C 44°F/7°C  59°F/15°C
 February   67°F/19°C  53°F/12°C  59°F/15°C
 March   73°F/23°C  55°F/13°C  63°F/17°C
 April   76°F/24°C  62°F/17°C  78°F/26°C
 May   79°F/26°C  62°F/17°C  78°F/26°C
 June   85°F/29°C  71°F/22°C  80°F/27°C
 July   87°F/31°C  73°F/23°C  84°F/29°C
 August   88°F/32°C  75°F/24°C   84°F/29°C
 September  86°F/30°C  72°F/22°C  82°F/28°C
 October   75°F/24°C  58°F/14°C  67°F/19°C
 November   75°F/24°C  58°F/14°C  67°F/19°C
 December   66°F/19°C  48°F/9°C  65°F/18°C