Services & Resources

A wedding is a journey, and planning the most memorable day of your life can feel like paddling out into an endless sea of options without a map or compass.  Trust the wedding professionals in Panama City Beach to help you navigate the way to the wedding of your dreams using professionalism and endless imagination.

What’s a destination wedding without a behind-the-scenes crew? In Panama City Beach, you’ll have access to professionals in every area of wedding planning and execution. And if you are handling your own wedding planning, we have just about every resource you could ever need. From jewelers, tents, chairs and florists to hair services, music, cakes, transportation and photographers, we’ll make sure that your special day goes smoothly.

Wedding Planners
There’s nothing more helpful than having a wedding planner who knows the ins and outs of your location. Whether you want a beach wedding or something more traditional, Panama City Beach’s wedding planners are ready for anything you ask for.
Marriage License Information
You can be sure that everything related to paperwork and officiating is readily available for you to access to make sure your wedding runs as smoothly as possible.
Caterers, Bakeries and Bartenders
It’s the centerpiece of any wedding reception and what your guests will be talking about after the ceremony, it’s the food. We have all your catering needs covered and a number of skilled bakers to make sure your reception's centerpiece is...
Photographers and Videographers
We know how important it is for you and your family to revisit your special day through both pictures and video. The photographers and videographers in Panama City Beach will make sure you’ll be enjoying your destination wedding for years...
They’re the accents of your wedding and one of the first things your guests will comment on, they’re the floral arrangements. We know how important flowers are and that’s why Panama City Beach is home to a number of professional florists...
Music and DJ
Nothing can make or break a wedding service or reception quite like the wrong music, that’s why Panama City Beach lets you find your perfect musical option through a wide selection of DJs and music services.
Hair, Makeup and Spa Services
It’s your wedding day, we know that you want to look and feel your best, and Panama City Beach is full of salons and spas to help you do just that; because on your special day, all eyes should be on you.
Tents, Chairs and Equipment Rental
Sometimes it’s the little details that are the hardest to pin down. Wedding accessories like tents, chairs and florists are easy to come by here and can be rented or bought from a number of locations.
Jewelers and Gift Shops
From choosing your wedding bands to picking out accessories for the bridesmaids, you can be sure that the jewelry shops in Panama City Beach won’t let you down.
It’s your wedding, and you deserve to travel in luxury (or not) if you so choose. From Panama City Beach limousines to carriage rides, you’ll be happily surprised with the number of options of transportation in Panama City Beach you can...