The 5th annual Winter Resident Senior Prom king and queen have been crowned to a couple of Missouri natives! Jack and Joyce Davis won the crown at the Senior Prom on February 10th at Edgewater Beach Resort—which just so happened to be the couple’s 60th anniversary. What a way to celebrate! The new king and queen were honored at the dance and will also preside over the Winter Resident Grand Finale.

Jack and Joyce have been vacationing in Panama City Beach for 21 years and have been able to see growth and new opportunities throughout those years. Jack and Joyce have been active in all of the winter resident activities that take place during the winter season. During their stay they enjoy activities including dining, dancing, playing cards, golfing, visiting friends and meeting new people while they are here.

After their children finished school, Joyce managed a golf course pro shop for many years while Jack worked at GM for 39 years. In their free time they both volunteer at their home town senior center, Missouri Veterans Home. The couple is active at their church as Joyce sings in the ministry and Jack serves as a deacon.

While visitors who vacation in Panama City Beach for weeks or months at a time to escape cold weather in their home regions have traditionally been known as "snowbirds," more and more of these long-term visitors prefer the moniker "winter residents" to reflect their participation in the local community and characterize their sense of belonging. For many of these visitors, highlights of the season include a Homecoming Dance, the Senior Prom, Winter Resident Appreciation Days, and the Grand Finale.

Previous Kings and Queens of the Winter Resident Senior Prom include:

2015 – Jack and Louise Mitchell, Ontario

2014 – Jim and Connie Demulling, Wisconsin

2013 – Mike and Brenda Sherwood, Georgia

2012 – Jim and Carol Butzler, Wisconsin