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Early Bird Eats in PCB

There's an oft-repeated saying that the early bird gets the worm, but what some of Panama City Beach’s most popular restaurants are giving the early birds who take a seat at their tables is far more palatable than the proverbial wriggling invertebrate. Offering a wide array of beautiful dishes full…

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Birds of a Feather Flock Together to PCB

A mong the various winter destinations available to residents of northern climates seeking a respite from the cold, Panama City Beach is not the warmest — that is, in terms of average outdoor temperature. But the home of the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches strives to extend the warmest hospitality…

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Find Your Treasure

For antique lovers, some of the most thrilling places to shop are those where you discover a great find from another era, something someone else held and used long ago - an antique wardrobe, a rare coin or an addition to your vintage doll collection. Finding such treasures can make a vacation all…

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Hombre Golf Course

Panama City Beach is not short on golf courses. If you're looking for a golf course with enough bite to challenge you, yet is approachable, fun and aesthetically pleasing, then Hombre is where you'll want to play! Designed by Wes Burnham in 1989, Hombre consists of three very different nine-hole…

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New Prom King and Queen Announced

For the first time in the event's 4-year history, a Canadian couple was crowned king and queen of Panama City Beach's Winter Resident Senior Prom. This year, the winning couple was Jack and Louise Mitchell, who hail from Ottawa, in Ontario, Canada. The event was held in Edgewater Resort's grand…

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