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December Fishing Report

Even though I prefer warm summer days to the chill of winter, there are some great bites happening right now that make getting out on the water worthwhile. As the water temperature plummets and food resources disappear from the flats, speckled trout work their way back towards deeper bayous where…

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November Fishing Report

If inshore fishing is your thing, then now is the time to get on the water and take advantage of the fantastic bites happening right now. Fish are gathering in schools and wreaking havoc on just about any bait they see! On the grass flats, the speckled trout bite is especially good. Early morning…

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Reel Talk on Fall & Winter Fishing in PCB

One of the great things about Panama City Beach is that it’s surrounded by water on three sides, and each side supports a distinctly different aquatic ecosystem. From the back water creeks and bayous of East Bay and West Bay to the white sand beaches that stretch for miles along the coast, diversity…

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October Fishing Report

Blue skies and clearing water have been the norm for the past several weeks and that’s the perfect combination for sight fishing! To top it off, the flats are littered with redfish cruising the shorelines and sandbars or laid up in potholes. I prefer soft plastic baits when sight casting to redfish…

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September Fishing Report

Cruising the bay while keeping an eye out for birds feeding on red minnow bait balls is one of my favorite ways to fish the early fall season. Birds hammering baitfish on the surface is a good indication that predatory fish are also feeding from below; otherwise, the minnows would go deeper to avoid…

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July Fishing Report

Summer in Panama City Beach means sun and fun and perhaps the widest variety of fishing that you will find all year, both inshore and nearshore along the beaches. A successful inshore trip to the flats depends on a couple of key factors. For one thing, you should fish during the cooler parts of the…

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June Fishing Report

If you’re looking to hook into some redfish action, now is the time to do it! As is typical for this time of the year, there are a lot of big schools of bait-chewing fish along the beaches, in the pass and on several shallow marshy grass flats. The way I want to target them often determines where I…

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May Fishing Report

With air temperatures in the 80s and water temps in the 70s, it sure is starting to feel like summer! The fish are feeding, bait is getting more plentiful and lots of migratory species are a being caught with regularity. Kingfish, cobia, pompano, redfish, Spanish mackerel and black drum are being…

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April Fishing Report

Winter is finally over and we’re entering that early phase of the spring run when marine life seems to be especially hungry and eager to eat. Along the beaches and in the St. Andrews Pass, big schools of redfish, black drum, and pompano are cruising the sandbars and surf and are very easy to spot…

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March Fishing Report

Spring has already sprung in many parts of the bays, in the pass and along the beaches and the fishing patterns are changing. Deep in the bay, speckled trout are schooled up in the mouths of creeks and bayous. When deciding on an area to target, I typically look for wind blowing toward the shore so…

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