Capt. Nathan 2023
Capt. Nathan Chennaux

Captain Nathan is a USCG licensed captain, fishing guide and outdoor writer. He fishes out of Panama City Beach, FL.

(850) 258-7235


February Fishing Report

The month of February has been fairly typical in terms of temperature swings and weather patterns but savvy anglers should be able to adapt to these challenges. On sunny days, I spend most of my time poling the shallows in search of redfish cruising the shoreline or laid up in potholes. These…

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January Fishing Report

If you can withstand some cold temperatures and changing conditions, January is a great month to fish the shallow flats and backwaters surrounding Panama City Beach. The weather can change quickly this time of the year, going from warm and cloudy to clear and cold in just a few hours. On most…

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December Fishing Report

Seasonal weather has brought changes to our fishery and savvy anglers will need to make strategic adjustments to ensure success. Recent heavy rains have turned the pristine, emerald green waters in the bays and flats to a dingy, tannic brown. That limits sight fishing to very shallow water –…

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November Fishing Report

Now is the perfect time to get out and chase some fish! The weather is awesome, the water is clear and cool and the fish are moving. Redfish are cruising the shallows during periods of low water. Be on the lookout for wakes they create as they swim, tails emerging from the water as they root…

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October Fishing Report

After a summer of record high temperatures, the fall pattern is finally here. It’s that time of the year when the heat finally starts to give way to cool morning breezes. Best of all, the fish seem to chew all day long! Topwater lures are an angler’s favorite because, let’s face it… who doesn't…

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September Fishing Report

The fishing is great in Panama City Beach these days! Topwater and surface lures fished over shallow grass flats have been effective early in the morning. Later in the day, switch to jigs and soft plastics fished in potholes and sandbars. On high tides, look for redfish to be laying up or cruising…

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August Fishing Report

So far, it’s another great month of fishing here in Panama City Beach. Clear water and lots of fish are a recipe for success and you can increase your odds by fishing the low light periods of the day as well as peak tide times. Early morning topwaters on the flats are still yielding lots of action…

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July Fishing Report

Temperatures are high and there are plenty of fish to target – sure signs that it’s summertime in Panama City Beach! Inshore on the flats, trout and redfish can be found patrolling the shallows in the early hours of the morning when the temperature is still cool and low light offers them the…

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June Fishing Report

What a great time to get out on the water and catch some fish! The weather is nice, the water is beautifully clear and, most importantly, the fish are biting! On shallow grass flats, there are good numbers of speckled trout being caught. Most of the catches are coming early in the day and late in…

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May Fishing Report

So far, this has been a very interesting year of fishing. Early in the year, the temperatures shot up quickly but cooled off for much of the month of April. Now we’re beginning to see things get back to normal in terms of water temperature and fish behavior. Life is abundant throughout the bays and…

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