Paddleboarding in Panama City Beach

SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) is experiencing a huge surge in popularity – probably because it’s such a fun way to explore local waters. Panama City Beach offers the perfect paddleboarding environment thanks to a distinctive combination of protected and open water, including the Gulf of Mexico, the Grand Lagoon, St. Andrews Bay, and several rivers and lakes. 

Paddleboarding classes cover everything from basic skills for staying upright to advanced techniques, and in Panama City Beach you’re never far from an SUP guide or rental service. Serious anglers are taking the sport to the next level by using paddleboards as a way to get closer to the action, hooking redfish, snook and even sailfish!

For those really looking for something different, give Paddleboard Yoga a try – Your class will paddle out in calm waters, and the extra balance required will add a new dimension to your yoga practice. Worried about getting wet? Calming your mind is the first step to serenity – and haven’t you ever heard the advice, “Stay fluid?”