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Discover Shell Island with Your Family

So, you are stranded on a deserted island. What three things do you take? If you are lucky enough to spend the day on Shell Island in Panama City Beach, the three most important things to bring are your family, a camera and... your sense of adventure! There is still an amazingly pristine, uninhabited…

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To beat the heat, dive below the surface!

While summer in Panama City Beach is a great time to be by the water or on the water , it's an even better time to be under the water ...swimming down and getting to know the secrets of life below the water's surface - that's what SCUBA diving is all about. The water temperature we're seeing in Panama…

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Discovering America's Best Beach

Guest Blogger Jovana Arnaut is a Canadian-based travel writer who first discovered Panama City Beach during a 2-month roadtrip around America on assignment for Bold Magazine . Is Panama City Beach the best beach in America? In a word: Yes. Twenty-seven miles of white, powdery, sandy beaches is what…

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What Makes PCB a Great Destination for Divers?

Guest Blogger Capt. Pat Green of Panama City Diving tells us what sets Panama City Beach apart as a dive destination, and shares some of the area's top dive sites . Conditions in PCB are Great for SCUBA Diving Unlike other popular dive destinations in south Florida and the Keys, Panama City Beach…

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Celebrating PCB & Tourism!

Panama City Beach owes a lot to tourism (and a lot to mother nature, as well!), so for this year's Tourism Appreciation Week in Florida, we hosted two parties to say thank- you, and to kick-start our "Real. Fun. Beach. Bucketlist" website. The Bucketlist kick-off was held at the newly redesigned and…

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Panama City Beach... Naturally!

You can't tell the story of Panama City Beach without discussing nature - just the word " beach " immediately conjures up images of the white sandy shoreline where you might see seagulls or snowy plovers searching for snacks at the water's edge, or dolphin chasing schools of fish just offshore in the…

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